Investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital


Investment banker, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital

Public and social projects

Igor Mazepa is the Chairman of the Board of The Price of the State’s  Business Council. The organization helps raise awareness of Ukrainians of the state economic policy and thus contributes to democratic and market changes in the country.

Igor Mazepa supports Ukraine’s rowing team as well as Kyiv children’s and junior rowing school with about 100 members.

Investment projects of Igor Mazepa

  • Dobrobut medical network is the first private clinic network in Ukraine that works to modern standards of quality.
  • Goodlife Park is an elite cottage village in Vyshhorod district of Kyiv.

Igor Mazepa Quotes

About investment climate in Ukraine

Igor Mazepa states that foreign investors still see Ukraine as a country of big opportunities. Unfortunately, they also see it as a country with high risks and  high level of corruption. Ukraine has very high entry barriers for investors. Ukrainian markets are not competitive because of the dominance of state monopolies or monopolies of specific oligarchs. Thus, investors will come only if Ukraine implements real reforms and has lower investment risks.

About the reforms in Ukraine

Unfortunately, the most significant changes and reforms in Ukraine are happening under the pressure of western creditors. It’s important to understand that these are not the IMF or EU officials who need these reforms in Ukraine, but we, the Ukrainian citizens, need these reforms.

Ukraine needs reforms: free land market, pension reform, quality healthcare system reform, and education reform. We need decentralization of power and a number of other reforms that have been already undertaken in other countries.

About privatization

A new privatization story could happen in Ukraine according to the new legislation. And it could be a success story if privatization is carried out in a clear, transparent and accountable manner.

About cooperation with IMF

Ukraine/IMF cooperation is very important for Ukraine. We need this cooperation to pay our debts and finance the budget deficit. For Ukraine, at the moment there is no alternative to IMF.


Igor Mazepa: medical insurance system is a must have for Ukraine

The current reforms occurring in Ukraine’s healthcare system won’t attract additional financial resources to public health. In my understanding, it’s simply a way of redistributing state funds. далее…

Igor Mazepa on the hryvnia’s exchange rate in 2019-2020

Concorde Capital’s analyst offer the following estimates for the hryvnia exchange rate: UAH 29.5/USD until the end of 2018. An average rate of UAH 28.68/USD in 2019. An average rate of UAH 29.90/USD in 2020.  далее…

Igor Mazepa believes that Ukraine’s economy will have only its own strengths to rely on in the next year

Igor Mazepa, the CEO of Concorde Capital investment company, believes that the Ukrainian economy will have only its own strengths to rely on in 2019. далее…

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