Igor Mazepa: Expectations for the new parliament and Cabinet should be backed up by concrete steps

Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital CEO, on the results of the parliamentary elections and expectations for the new parliament and Cabinet

The election results weren’t unexpected for me. Everything was quite predictable here, in my view – says Igor Mazepa.

As an investment banker and businessman, I expect from the new parliament and Cabinet:

  • Firstly, the implementation of an entire complex of reforms – judicial, land market, pensions, and health care. Privatization. The fight against corruption.

Pension system reforms and the stock market will create possibilities for the long-term financing of business, and well as will contribute to improving corporate governance in the private sector.

Health care reform will create the opportunity for more active development of the private health care market.

Judicial reform will protect the rights of investors and lenders.

Сonducting effective privatization and launching a land market will attract foreign strategic investors, who besides their money will bring the most contemporary technologies and quality corporate governance – comments Igor Mazepa.

  • Secondly, a clear plan of cooperation with the IMF.

Those are the real steps that will drive our economy and improve trust in us from international investors – summarized Igor Mazepa.

This view was expressed by Igor Mazepa, the CEO of the Concorde Capital investment company for Liga Business, commenting on the results of the parliamentary elections and expectations for the new parliament and Cabinet.



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