Failures and achievements of 2019

Concorde Capital analyst Evgeniya Akhtyrko discussed with the Novoye Vremia magazine the positive and negative events in Ukraine’s economy in 2019

Positive events

  • Slowing rates of consumer inflation, thanks to which the National Bank began and strengthened its softening of monetary policy
  • Moderate growth in the trade deficit
  • The National Bank’s actions on currency liberalization
  • The approval of a realistic budget
  • The government’s ability to resist populist influences in forming expenditures

Negative events

  • Unfulfilled budget revenue
  • Failure to approve an effective law on the farmland market
  • The absence of a clear policy on taxing individual entrepreneurs
    The uncertain situation surrounding Privatbank
  • Intensified attacks on the National Bank
  • Attempts to weaken its status as an independent institution
  • The failure of the privatization program

Commented for Novoye Vremia media resource Evgeniya Akhtyrko, Analyst at Concorde Capital investment company (CEO of Concorde Capital is Igor Mazepa html

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