Ukraine economy growing, but not enough, Concorde Capital analyst says

Concorde Capital economics analyst Evgeniya Akhtyrko discussed Ukraine’s fourth-quarter economy for the “Novoye Vremia. Biznes media resource

What happened with Ukraine’s economy at the end of 2019.

Fourth-quarter GDP growth significantly worsened because of the 7% yoy plunge in industrial production, as well as slowing agricultural production caused partially by a shift in seasonality. Fortunately, agriculture demonstrated solid results nonetheless.

We are expecting the 2020 GDP growth rate will be close to 3%, last year’s pace. Although this growth reflects economic gains, the relatively slow rate is not capable of bringing noticeable improvement neither in the welfare of citizens, nor in the enhancement of economic stability.

So as before, the Ukrainian economy will remain vulnerable, with its prior risks.

Commented for Novoye Vremia media resource Evgeniya Akhtyrko, Analyst at Concorde Capital investment company (CEO of Concorde Capital is Igor Mazepa .

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