Igor Mazepa: Suburban real estate is one of the strongest investment cases

Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa talks about the investment appeal of suburban real estate

Igor Mazepa, investment banker, CEO and owner of Concorde Capital investment company, tells Forbes.ua why suburban real estate is a smart and profitable investment.

“I’m certain that suburban real estate is one of the strongest investment cases. The suburban real estate segment sees a good margin and stable demand”, comments Igor Mazepa. “The de-urbanisation trend has started long before the COVID-19, rather than because of the pandemic, which has only fuelled it. My estimate is that rental rates for suburban real estate grew one and a half times in 2020”, says Igor Mazepa. “I have two completed projects: Goodlife Park, an elite residence near Vyshgorod, and Shelest, a recreation complex with a hotel and restaurant. We are set to present three more initiatives in the months to come. We have invested about US$30-35m in each of Shelest and Goodlife. The new projects require about the same funding.”

Igor Mazepa shared his comments with Forbes.ua.

Source: https://forbes.ua/money/meditsinskiy-atb-narodnyy-investfond-i-deurbanizatsiya-kak-investiruet-gendirektor-concorde-capital-igor-mazepa-26042021-1466

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